Hours- By Appointment
  • Tag Trio Workshop with Holder Wednesday August 21st 6 pm

    Enter stencil option and any custom information needed to design your stencil (ex. name/established year)

    Tag Trio Workshop with Holder

    You are registering for a workshop, nothing will be shipped to you

    Workshop includes three wood tags, string, washer, stencils, three hooks, wood for holder and hanging hardware 

    For an additional charge you can add another stencil to make your tags reversible 

    You will have 35 paint colors and 5 stain options to choose from to customize your project 

    Hanger is 22 " x 6" long with 3 hooks 

    Tags are 12", 10" and 10" (6" wide) 

    The perfect addition to a gallery wall 

    Option 1- Michigan, Last Name and Family Number (please include last name, established year and number of people in your family for customization) 

    Option 2- Hello Fall 

    Option 3- Home