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  • Interchangeable Square Shiplap MAKE @ Home Kit (includes insert of your choice)

    Please enter the insert number you would like included in your kit. Additional inserts can be purchased on the website (at a different link)
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    Interchangeable Square Shiplap Sign

    Finished project measures 10" x 10" Project includes ONE insert of your choice

    The kit includes square shiplap sign, outside frame, stand, wood ring, insert, sandpaper and sponges. 

    Additional inserts can be purchased on the website

    Shiplap square and frame is painted with color 1

    Ring that holds the mini signs will be stained jacobean in your kit

    Please select ONE insert for your sign and enter the name in the box 

    Paint Color Options: 

    1- Warm White 

    2- Bleached Sand

    3- Burlap

    4- Metallic Gold 

    5- Mississippi Mud 

    6- Burnt Umber

    7- Basic Black

    8- Zinc (dark gray)

    9- Slate Gray (light gray)

    10- Silver Metallic

    11- Berry Red

    12- Deep Burgundy

    13- Bubblegum Pink 

    14- Peony Pink

    15- Terra Coral

    16- Coral Blush

    17- Perfect Peach

    18- Pumpkin

    19- Persimmon

    20- Spicy Mustard

    21- Cadmium Yellow

    22- Banana

    23- Margarita 

    24- Sour Apple

    25- Pistachio Mint

    26- Sea Glass

    27- Celery Green

    28- Avocado

    29- Evergreen

    30- Deep Teal

    31- Peacock Teal

    32- Sea Breeze

    33- Bahama Blue

    34- Spa Blue 

    35- Baby Blue 

    36- True Blue

    37- Navy Blue 

    38- Mulberry

    39- Purple Rain 

    40- Purple Cow