Hours- By Appointment
  • Inappropriate Sign Workshop Wednesday March 18th 6 pm

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    Join us in the studio to make some not so appropriate signs Wednesday March 18th 6 pm 

    You must have a sense of humor to attend this workshop 

    Choose one of the following signs to make during this event:

    1- Don't Worry Laundry Nobody's Doing Me Either 

    2- Home (where the ho & me come together)

    3- I Am Too Magical For Your Bullshit

    4- You Are Never Too Old To Get Your Shit Together 

    5- Let That Shit Go

    6- Thou Shalt Eat A Satchel Of Richards

    Feel free to bring beer/wine/food to enjoy during the workshop.

    You will have 6 stain colors and 40 paint colors to choose from during the workshop. 

    Workshops can run up to 3 hours depending on class size and project selection.

    Projects will be completed during the workshop and taken home the same day. 

    Studio space is limited. For safety and liability reasons we can not have anyone that

    does not have a paid spot to come and hang out at the studio during a workshop.