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  • Fall Is My Favorite Color MAKE @ Home Kit (Interchangable project)


    Fall is my favorite color MAKE @ Home Kit 

    This kit is the perfect addition to your fall decor! 

    Kit includes-

    • Wood sign 

    • Round Sign

    • Raffia 

    • Ribbon

    • Acorn Bell

    Includes: Foam brush, sponges and sandpaper

    Additional round signs will be available for this sign for Christmas, Winter, Spring and Summer

    *Paint is an add on item and it not included in your kit

    Please add on the paint colors you would like with your kit. All paints come in squeezable 1 oz bottles are can be used for multiple projects. 

    Any craft paints work with our kits

    Kit is pictured with paint numbers

    1- Warm White 

    2- Bleached Sand

    3- Burlap

    4- Metallic Gold 

    5- Mississippi Mud 

    6- Burnt Umber

    7- Basic Black

    8- Zinc (dark gray)

    9- Slate Gray (light gray)

    10- Silver Metallic

    11- Berry Red

    12- Deep Burgundy

    13- Bubblegum Pink 

    14- Peony Pink

    15- Terra Coral

    16- Coral Blush

    17- Perfect Peach

    18- Pumpkin

    19- Persimmon

    20- Spicy Mustard

    21- Cadmium Yellow

    22- Banana

    23- Margarita 

    24- Sour Apple

    25- Pistachio Mint

    26- Sea Glass

    27- Celery Green

    28- Avocado

    29- Evergreen

    30- Deep Teal

    31- Peacock Teal

    32- Sea Breeze

    33- Bahama Blue

    34- Spa Blue 

    35- Baby Blue 

    36- True Blue

    37- Navy Blue 

    38- Mulberry

    39- Purple Rain 

    40- Purple Cow

    41- Dark Stain Mix (apply with baby wipe or damp paper towel)

    42- Gray/Brown Stain Mix (apply with baby wipe or damp paper towel)

    43- Vintage Pink (NEW color)