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  • Choose Your $35 Sign Workshop Wednesday April 24th 6 pm

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    * Enter Sign Number You Would Like To Make *If sign requires last name, first name or dates please make sure you enter that information

    Choose from over 50 Sign Options to make during the workshop. 

    You are registering for a workshop. Nothing will be shipped to you. 

    Double check what information is required and needs to be entered under personalization for your project. Once you submit your order, changes can not be made

    Enter the number of the sign you are making in the box when adding to your cart. If your sign requires personalization (double check sign number below) you will need to make sure to include that information for your stencil.

    Please do not type in a custom sign unless you have already contacted the studio with your idea. There is an additional charge for new/custom designs. 

    Please choose one of the following projects to make during the workshop:

    1- Happy Campers Family Name (Please include last name in personalization box)

    2- Michigan Home Family Name (Please include last name in personalization box)

    3- LOVE Baseball Family Name (Please include last name in personalization box)

    4- Laundry Sucks

    5- Hoppy Easter Family Name (Please include last name in personalization box)

    6- Follow The Bunny

    7- When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

    8- Somewhere Over The Rainbow 

    9- Home Is Wherever My Dog Is

    10- Welcome Peeps Family Name (Please include last name in personalization box)

    11- Peter Cottontail

    12- Happy Easter with Giant Bunny

    13- Always Kiss Me Goodnight

    14- Lemonade

    15- Always Be Creative

    16- Go Jump In The Lake

    17- Let's Stay Home

    18- Welcome To Our Home 

    19-  Last Name Monogram Family Name (Please include last name and established date in personalization box)

    20- Welcome Pineapple Family Name (Please include last name in personalization box)

    21- You Are My Sunshine

    22- As For Me & My House 

    23- Family Is The Anchor

    24- So Fresh & So Clean Clean 

    25-Be Brave Baby Bear

    26- For All The Things My Hands Have Held

    27- Laundry Subway

    28- You Hold The Key

    29- Home Is Wherever I'm With You

    30- Let Her Sleep

    31- Kitchen Conversions

    32- Classroom Rules (Can add Teacher name please include name in personalization box)

    33- Adventure Everywhere

    34- Sail The Ocean 

    35- In A Field Of Roses 

    36- Wash Brush Floss Flush

    37- Sweet Dreams Little One

    38- I Do Crafts

    39- Dad's Backyard Grill 

    40- Grand Kids Make Life Grand (with picture clips) 

    41- Memories Made At The Lake 

    42- Rise & Shine Coffee Bar

    43- This Home Is Filled with Wet Noses

    44- Dance With Fairies

    45- Let Me Love You 

    46- Happy Easter with Cross

    47- EAT

    48- I Loved You Yesterday

    49- What If I Fall? 

    50- Dishes We Meet Again

    51- It Is Never Too Late

    52- Let That Shit Go

    53- I Am Too Magical 

    54- Thou Shalt Eat 

    55- Don't Worry Laundry Nobody's Doing Me Either (not pictured)

    56- Home Where The Ho & Me Come Together (not pictured) 

    Feel free to bring beer/wine/food to enjoy during the workshop.

    You will have 5 stain colors and 35 paint colors to choose from during the workshop. 

    Workshops can run up to 3 hours depending on class size and project selection.

    Projects will be completed during the workshop and taken home the same day. 

    Studio space is limited. For safety and liability reasons we can not have anyone that

    does not have a paid spot to come and hang out at the studio during a workshop.